+ Why Girl Scouts?

In Girl Scouts, girls discover fun, friendship, and power of girls together. Through a myriad  of enriching experiences - troop meetings, field trips, sports clinics, community service and Take Action projects, cultural exchanges, and environmental stewardship - girls grow courageous and strong.

+ What is the Girl Scout Leadership Experience?

The Girl Scout program—what girls do in Girl Scouting— is based on the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, a national model that helps girls become leaders in their own lives and as they grow.

A leader, girls will tell you, is defined not only by the qualities and skills one has, but also by how those qualities and skills are used to make a difference in the world.

+ What do Girl Scouts do?

Girl Scouts enjoy a variety of activities that are fun, educational and safe. All activities reflect our core set of values as outlined in the Girl Scout Law, are supervised by caring adult volunteers who have undergone a background screening process and follow Girl Scout Safety Activity Checkpoints.

+ What do Parents do?

Parental participation in their daughter’s Girl Scout experience varies from giving permission for activities to becoming a troop leader. To answer many of the questions you may have, we created a Parent/Guardian Guide Book, just for you!

+ When does Girl Scouts start each year?

You can sign up to be a Girl Scout any time throughout the year! Many troops are formed in the fall, but you are welcome to join all of the fun and excitement of this leadership experience when the time is right for you and your girls. Girls can join and troops can be formed anytime that works for girls and volunteers. Remember, you don’t have to be in a troop to be a Girl Scout!

+ How can my daughter become a Girl Scout member?

It’s easy. Simply visit our online registration site. When you become a Girl Scout, you will be joining an organization that is 3.2 million girls and adults strong. You don’t have to be in a Girl Scout troop to become a Girl Scout, there are many Pathways in which you can participate. If you want more information, contact us by email today.

+ How much does it cost? Are there monthly membership dues?

Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., the National Organization, requires a $15 nonrefundable membership fee to register as a girl or adult member. This payment goes directly to Girl Scouts of the U.S.A headquarters in NYC to provide program development and Council support services. Registered members are covered by Girl Scouts’ accident insurance when participating in Girl Scout activities.

Many troops have a one-time or annual start-up fee to assist with refreshment/material expenses; some include field trip costs with this start-up fee as well. The troop dues are set by each individual troop. Field trips and other activities may require an additional fee to be paid for participation.

+ Is there financial assistance available?

Yes. Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska is committed to ensuring that all girls and adults, who want to participate in Girl Scouting, will have the opportunity to do so. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify for items such as national or troop dues, books, programs, camps or trips.

In addition, CoventryCares Nebraska Medicaid has partnered with Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska to provide Girl Scouts of the USA membership dues for youth in grades Kindergarten – 12th as a benefit of the Coventry Nebraska Doc Bear Club. Find more information and forms here.

+ Is there a troop at my daughter's school?

There are many troops across the state of Nebraska. Please contact your area’s Membership Specialist to see if there is a troop at your daughter’s school.

+ What if there is not a troop at my daughter’s school?

All troops are led by volunteers, and occasionally we do not have enough troops to meet the needs of girls in a certain area. Would you consider helping to lead a troop in your area? If so, let us know today!

+ I would like to form a troop, how do I get started?

Contact the service center nearest you and ask to speak with a membership specialist. If you tell them the school or area for which you are trying to organize a troop, they will get you started with the volunteer application and will connect you with the recruitment coordinator or service unit manager in your area.

+ How much of an investment will being a troop leader be?

Financially, you can put as much or as little into your troop as you would like. Girls typically pay their own individual membership dues, so that won’t be a troop responsibility. Many troop leaders in Spirit of Nebraska base their spending upon the financial needs of the girls. Often, parents will support a troop by paying troop dues, but girls are encouraged to earn money for their troop by participating in Product Programs; financial assistance is available for girls and troops that qualify.

+ Where does the troop meet and how often?

“When” to meet is at the leader and co-leaders’ discretion. If girls meet regularly, it can be on a day and time that works best for everyone involved in the troop. Troop meetings can be once a month, every two weeks or weekly, or a troop can meet occasionally to do an activity together. Once your daughter joins a troop there will be a Parent Meeting to discuss these topics.

+ Can my daughter be in Girl Scouts and not belong to a troop?

Yes. There are many ways girls can take part in Girl Scouting; we call these Girl Scout Pathways. Depending upon their free time and interests, Pathways allow a girl to do as much or as little as she wants to do in Girl Scouting.

+ What does my daughter need to get started?

Girl Scouts are not required to have a uniform, but keep in mind that tunics, sashes and vests come in handy when girls want to proudly display their recognitions. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.

Badges can be earned throughout the year and will most likely come from troop funds. This is something you will need to discuss with your troop leader.

Girl Scouts are also not required to have their own Journey Books or Girls Guide to Girl Scouting handbook but we highly encourage it. The girls get to color and write in their books and make them their own.

+ How much is the uniform?

There are different uniforms that you can purchase for your daughter. The cost varies depending on whether you purchase a tunic, vest or sash and also on size. The cost ranges from $5.25 to $20.50.

+ Where can I buy Girl Scout merchandise?

At any of our six Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska stores, called Juliette’s Boutique. There, you will find everything from basic Girl Scouting necessities such as uniforms, insignia, recognitions, Girl’s Guides and badges to cool Girl Scout apparel and seasonal merchandise. If you can’t find something at one of our stores, no worries, we will order it for you and take all the hassle out of your Girl Scout shopping experience.

+ When will my daughter be selling Girl Scout cookies?

Product Programs are open to ALL Girl Scouts, including Daisies! Please visit our Product Program pages for intent forms, details, dates and deadlines. Please note that all girls who participate in Product Programs must be registered members of Girl Scouts of the USA and leaders must register their troops in advance of Product Program and accompanying training.

The Fall Product Program which includes nuts, chocolates, candy and magazines takes place in early autumn.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program begins in February, with exclusive door-to-door sales 10 days prior to the kick-off of Cookie Booths.

+ Does my Girl Scout have to sell cookies?

Participation in any Girl Scout program activity is voluntary.