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Girl Scout’s YWE (Young Women’s Executive) Camp

Guest Blogger
Jenny Cardwell, VP Fund Development, Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska

It was a personal pleasure for me to be able to participate in last week’s YWECamp at Catron Camp and Retreat Center in Nebraska City.  Thirteen young women in high school and 13 women mentors participated in the program, which took place at two sites over two separate weekends. (There was also a program at Lakeview Cabin in North Platte.)  YWECamp is part of a series of leadership programs that our council provides to girls who are in high school.  This particular installment, YWECamp, is a one-on-one mentoring experience designed to give girls exposure to professional women and to hear and share, stories about personal leadership.  Continue reading

Happy National S’mores Day!

Did you know that the oldest recipe for s’mores can be found in a Girl Scout publication from 1927?  Girls are so smart. Back then, they were called “some mores” before the name was shortened to the one we all use today. In fact, they were called “some mores” in Girl Scout books up until the ‘70s!
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Positive Boost for Beginning the Year!

I found this blog a while back and I really love their message.  It’s all about “girl empowerment” which is exactly what we are trying to do here at Girl Scouts! Recently they posted about 15 Self-Esteem Boosting Books for Mighty Girls. This week many schools started back up for the school year; it is an exciting yet possibly nerve-racking time for girls. My advice: try hitting up books that will help you feel better about yourself, but also maybe help you understand someone who is different than you, the Mighty Girl blog is a good place to start.
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A Girl Scout’s Gold Raises the Roof

“Finding Your Voice: The Power of Media” is the council-theme we have adopted and are promoting for the 2013-14 membership year. Truly, it seemed to me like a daunting task both for us and for our girls…then I found this story, which perfectly illustrates just what we are trying to say to girls…and to society: that we have the power to change the media’s perception of girls and women through our actions!
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