Why Erin Gives to Girls

I don’t enjoy discussing money which is why I work in a department here at Spirit of Nebraska that spends the money…not asks for it!  Even though I know it is what keeps the organization running at full power. This was a more difficult post to write because I writing to ask for money.  Here’s the truth: I believe so strongly that what we do empowers girls and builds their confidence–my aversion has turned into passion and I put my money where my mouth is, too. Continue reading

Why You Should Give to Girls

Why You Should Give to Girls

By Fran Marshall, Chief Executive Officer, Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska

“The work of today is the history of tomorrow, and we are its makers.”  – Juliette Gordon Low

It’s no accident that we picked October 31st, the birthday of our founder Juliette Gordon Low, for our Give to Girls campaign.  She was a courageous pioneer, who in 1912, saw the potential the future held and had the vision to create an organization dedicated to the empowerment of girls and women.  We chose this day to honor our founder and to inspire our supporters. Continue reading

Find Your Voice Be the Video Game Developer

I just found the coolest virtual project! It turns out that Girl Scouts of the USA partnered with Dell (the computer people) and they made a program where you can learn what it takes to be a video game developer!  Check it out on Girl Scouts’ “For Girls” website.

I am really loving this idea – especially because of our theme this year “Finding Your Voice: The Power of Media.” There are so many different ways to make your voice heard – and think of it – video games developed for girls by girls!  Think of the awesome power that could generate. Continue reading

Find Your Voice

Greetings Girl Scouts!

Help us with the kickoff of this year’s council theme, “Finding Your Voice: The Power of Media!” Want to hear how you find (or found) your voice! You will help us inspire girls as they, too, discover how important it is to “Find Your Voice.” Continue reading