Find Your Voice

Greetings Girl Scouts!

Help us with the kickoff of this year’s council theme, “Finding Your Voice: The Power of Media!” Want to hear how you find (or found) your voice! You will help us inspire girls as they, too, discover how important it is to “Find Your Voice.”

We came up with an awesome new way for you to share your courage and confidence with girls all across Nebraska. Visit our Finding Your Voice (FYV) website page and print the FYV poster. Open it up and print off one for yourself and every girl in your troop (leaders, too!). Fill out the poster in BIG letters by finishing the statement: “When I Find My Voice…” Next, grab a camera and snap a photo of you and your sign. Don’t forget to smile! Finally, send it to us here at Girl Scouts. You can either email your pictures or post them to Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #GSSN. That is how we find your picture. Then check out our photo gallery on the FYV page and BOOM! You’ve made the world a better and much more FIERCE place!

We can’t wait to see all what you think and feel is important when girls find their voice!!


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