Girls Should, Girls Can, Girls Are

Girl Scouts of the USA wrote a blog last week that I found inspirational. It was in response to a campaign done by the UN Women that seemed to be making its rounds on the internet. The UN campaign looked a little something like this:

These are just two of the images that were part of that campaign. As you will see on the Girl Scouts’ blog post, they decided to take this same idea and put a positive spin on it.

Their campaign looks a little something like this:

And like this:

I love the idea of taking something that is actually quite bleak and putting a positive spin on it. It is uplifting rather than something that makes you heart hurt, like the first images, however real the story might be.

I understand the reason the UN Women’s Campaign did what they did – I just like what Girl Scouts of the USA did better… J though I may be partial…

With that in mind – I wanted to share more about what “Girls can” do by checking out what is going on right here in Nebraska. The following stories are perfect examples of how Girl Scouts right here at home positively impact their communities every day. And honestly – these are only the ones that made it into their local paper and this doesn’t even come close to painting the big picture and the countless number of community service projects that our girls perform every day…. and smiles that they bring to the world.

Enjoy the articles!

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Yours in Girl Scouting,

Posted by Erin Huerter, Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska Outreach Specialist

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