A Book and a Game to Strengthen the Brain

Improving early childhood literacy is one of the most pressing issues facing our nation today. Kids who struggle with reading can quickly fall behind in school and also have a higher chance of not completing high school or going on to college. It can have a lasting, negative impact on their lives.

Allison Tietjen understands the importance of working to improve early childhood literacy and so she decided to make it the focus of her Gold Award Take Action project.

“A Book and a Game – to Strengthen the Brain” focused on improving early childhood literacy in Allison’s community, Chester, Nebraska. She joined forces with area elementary school teachers and librarians and together they selected books for students in preschool through first grade and created a game to accompany each book. The books and games were based on National Reading Standards and the school district’s objectives.

Students participating in Allison’s program can check out a book/game tote bag from their school library and take it home to share with their family. The project had three goals: increase parents’ knowledge of their child’s reading skills, enhance students’ reading performance and create a lasting bond for reading and learning between a child and adult.

“A Book and a Game – to Strengthen the Brain” has been a huge success and with support from school staff, will continue to be part of the early childhood curriculum.

Way to go, Allison! You are truly helping to make the world a better place.

Has Allison’s work inspired you to start your own Take Action project?  If you’re ready to “Go Gold” visit the Gold Award pages on our website for more inspiration and get started today!

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