artVenture is the BEST of Girl Scouts!

artVenture is my favorite annual event at Girl Scout Spirit of Nebraska. I know, we offer a lot of different activities, so it might seem difficult to pick one, but let me share with you why this event is at the top of my list.

1.       We all work together.

Every micro-community within our council comes together to put on this single event. By “micro-community” I mean, each department, the girls, their parents, our volunteers, and our donors! Other than the Girl Scout Cookie Program, there is no other program/fundraising activity where everyone comes together. It’s a fantastic way for all of us to see each group’s individual contribution to our organization!

2.       Girls and young women gain new, positive experiences.

Just like Girl Scout Ambassador Breanna Burklund said in her interview on Morning Blend –alongside Kristi Pedersen from Adventures in Art and Wendy Hamilton, Fund Development Director—she was so inspired by her years of experience with artVenture that she is now interested in becoming an art teacher. This is just one of the many examples of how artVenture has positively impacted the lives or our creative (as well as unknowingly creative) Girl Scouts!

3.       It’s just plain fun.

Every year girls and young women begin their art collaborations in January and work on projects for up to three weeks. Slowly the pieces develop from the spark of an idea to one-of-kind, state-of-the-art (pun intended) masterpieces! The artVentue events do such a fantastic job of showcasing the young artists’ abilities and new found skills and it is a THRILL for the girls when they get to see their art in a gallery setting. When you see how excited the girls are and how rewarding the experience has been for them, it is easy to see how this program event became my favorite, and I manage to pick up a few new pieces every year.

Want to learn more about artVenture? We have four events all across the state, beginning next weekend in Omaha. Check out our website for more information, including a fantastic photo gallery of many of the works of art! You will also find contact information so that you can RSVP for the event in your area! If you have any questions – please contact me and I can also help you find answers. :)

Yours in Girl Scouting,


Erin is an outreach specialist with Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska.  She provides support to ten Girl Scout troops in Omaha, who live in areas of the city classified as underserved.   

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