Cookie Time is Picture Time!

As we continue to get closer and closer to Girl Scout Cookie time, of course my mind is pretty much preoccupied with, well – COOKIES! I found out some of our Girl Scout sisters were having fun with some adorable decals that we created so girls could have a little fun while preparing for their Cookie Program.

Okay – so these “Cookie Props” are too cute not to share! Download here and use them inspire and motivate.

To get you started, you should join us tomorrow night at our twitter party!! You can take pictures and send them to us in real time via twitter!! Follow us here or follow @girlscouts.  Use #cookieboss, #GNO and #GSSN. Send us all your creative photos. :)

I hope that you all enjoy these in your photos as much as these girls!  Here’s to an amazing 2014 Girl Scout Cookie Program!

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