Cookies Teach Life Lessons

Skill 2: Decision Making

Making decisions can be both overwhelming and empowering. For a girl or young woman – Girl Scouts just might be their first opportunity to make a decision on her own. Many times, and I will say that I was guilty of this before working at Girl Scouts, adults have the tendency to dismiss or ignore what children have to say, for some reason we think we know best about all situations involving humans who are smaller or younger than us. :) I promise, it’s because we think we are doing what’s right! In reality – girls surprise me daily with their innovation, passion, and general ability to see through everything that isn’t important to focus directly on what is. Because of this – Girl Scouts as an organization prides itself on being “girl-led” – and the Girl Scout Cookie Program is no exception!

Girls find themselves making the decision whether or not to sell cookies and then they have to answer the: where, when, and how to sell…and what they will do with the proceeds their troop earns and much, much more.

Making decisions can be difficult for anyone – which is why we provide a safe and supervised place for girls to explore and make decisions. We also hold space to either rejoice in a good decision or help understand the lessons of those with no-so-favorable outcomes. It’s a win-win!

I am super interested in hearing some of the decisions being made out there  – would you send me some pictures/videos/emails with what you/your troop are/is doing when facing decisions this cookie season!? Email me today.


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