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Skill 4: People Skills

People skills are crucial in life – it is how we communicate and get along with others; how we make friends, develop strong and healthy relationships; how we learn, and eventually how we get jobs and build self-confidence. People skills are also known in education and the workplace as “soft skills” because there is no real way to test them, but when you meet someone who has them – you definitely know! That is why one of the 5 Key Skills in the Girl Scout Cookie Program is “People Skills.”

We want to help give girls an additional opportunity at an early age to interact with people with whom they might not be that familiar – in a safe and supervised environment.  Allowing a child to “strike up a conversation” and explain herself, her program and her goals with someone she doesn’t know will give her so much confidence and is always impressive to the “cookie consumer.”  It’s PRICELESS! There are not many other opportunities for children that will help them develop these skills and the more they “test” them in the field, the better! Being able to have an interaction, understand someone, read their body language and complete a transaction is something that will help girls build courage, confidence and character, the three components of our mission – all in one skill.

I would be happy to hear some stories about the people that you have encountered while selling cookies so far this year! Send me your photos, videos or stories by email! I want to hear from you!!


Yours in Girl Scouting,



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