Engaging Youth to Make the World a Better Place

One of the keys to developing a Gold Award Take Action project is to identify a problem in the community that need to be solved. For Emma August, that problem was quite simply a lack of youth engagement. Emma noticed, as she looked for possibly solutions, that in her hometown of Gordon, Nebraska, there were a very limited number of fun activities for kids, t’weens and teens.

“If children are not given positive events to participate in, they will become bored and start to go down the wrong path,” Emma wrote in her project diary.

Emma began brainstorming ideas; things she could develop as fun, youth activities. Her first idea was to host dances, but she conducted research in the community and discovered that not many young people were interested in that. So, she went back to the drawing board and came up with a great idea for a game she named “Fugitive.”

Fugitive is a game, similar to hide-and-go-seek that people can gather together and play. Emma developed the game and facilitated six events in Gordon, where young people participated. Each event was attended by 20-25 people!

Emma’s project is a great example of how you can make the world a better place – and have fun while doing it! Her game will continue to be played with the support of the citizens of Gordon… including other Girl Scouts.

Emma is the daughter of Alan and Ann August. Her Project Advisor was Sherry Retzlaff and her Troop Advisor was Ann August.


This concludes our Gold Award series. You can visit our blog archive and read through past Gold Award blogs here. We hope you have been as inspired by these dedicated Girl Scouts as we have! If you’re ready to Go Gold, click here to get started today!


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