Find Your Voice Be the Video Game Developer

I just found the coolest virtual project! It turns out that Girl Scouts of the USA partnered with Dell (the computer people) and they made a program where you can learn what it takes to be a video game developer!  Check it out on Girl Scouts’ “For Girls” website.

I am really loving this idea – especially because of our theme this year “Finding Your Voice: The Power of Media.” There are so many different ways to make your voice heard – and think of it – video games developed for girls by girls!  Think of the awesome power that could generate.

I actually went through the process myself – just to make double sure that it was fun – which it totally is! You go through and make your own game and then you can troubleshoot it if it’s too hard or too easy. You get to pick the character, the setting, the obstacles and the sounds/music.

I was pretty impressed with how my game turned out.

You are welcome to play the game I developed or you can make your own and share it with your friends and with us.  Use #GSSN if you post to social media!

Good luck and I hope this will be a helpful tool as you “find your voice” by being a part of Girl Scouts!

Posted by Erin Huerter, Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska Outreach Specialist

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