Flag Etiquette for the Future

The American flag is a powerful symbol of our nation, of freedom, and of the hopes and dreams of its people. Girl Scouts understand the great importance of our flag and regularly pay tribute to “Old Glory” through ceremonies and by treating the flag with its due respect.

As we come into fourth of July weekend and our celebration of independence, we also celebrate those Girl Scouts who this year, did what it takes to Go Gold!

As a member of Papillion-La Vista High School’s Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC), Gold Award recipient Emily Nichols has an even greater appreciation of the American flag and all that it represents. She chose to honor our most precious national symbol through her Gold Award project, “Flag Etiquette for the Future.”

Emily’s project addressed the concern that there is a lack of information and education around the American flag and proper flag etiquette. Emily wanted to share her knowledge with younger children in her community, so she prepared a presentation that included a brief history of the flag and its symbolism, information on how to treat and handle the flag and ideas for ceremonial activities during with the flag can be used.

To ensure the sustainability of her project, Emily created a Prezi Presentation that can be accessed by anyone who would like to learn more. The NJROTC at Emily’s high school has also committed to keeping her project “flying high” by facilitating presentations on flag etiquette to area elementary schools.

Emily is the daughter of Jeff and Jenny Nichols. Her troop advisor was Jenny Nichols and her project advisor was Mike Vinkavich.

Earning the Gold Award is an especially smart move for girls like Emily who are interested in entering the Armed Services. Did you know that girls who earn Gold automatically move up a rank in the military in recognition of their achievement? Now there’s another reason to Go Gold!

For more information and to get started, visit the Gold Award pages on our website.

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