Girl Scout City Planners

This week we received an email from a Junior Girl Scout leader about a project that her troop was working on. I absolutely LOVE this story. It’s exactly what Girl Scouts is all about – here is our mission in action!

Leader, Theresa Clary of Troop 42490 wrote:

The Juniors have been working hard on their Journey, "Get Moving" and one of the assignments from their Journey book was to think about how they could repurpose an old building instead of tearing it down and building something new. 

I instructed them to use the old Wal-Mart building in our area located on 84th & Giles.  This building has been standing empty for more than two years and is part of the city of LaVista's 84th Street Redevelopment Project.  I instructed the girls to each come up with three or four ideas and be ready to discuss it with the group at our next meeting.

Once the girls presented their ideas, there was much discussion as to their favorite ideas and they narrowed the list down to their three favorite.  However, during their discussion the girls became so excited about their ideas that they stated they wanted to let the City of LaVista know about it.  I shouldn't really say they were excited about writing the letter, it was more like they were ADAMANT about writing the letter.  I told them I would send the letter as long as they wrote it themselves.

Each of the girls wrote their own letter and then as a group, they wrote a final copy that was to be sent to the Mayor. I did indeed send the Mayor an email and was surprised in his response.  The Mayor not only wanted to meet the Juniors and discuss their ideas, but he wanted them to meet with his City Planner as well.

The Juniors met with him on a Tuesday afternoon and they had a very nice long chat.  All of their ideas were actually ideas that the city wanted to implement as well.  The girls were quite pleased that they might actually see their ideas become a reality.

How cool? We love to hear about what you are doing out there in Girl Scout land. The projects you work on, both badge work, Journeys and Girl Awards are making such a positive impact on our communities and this is a perfect example!

Thanks for the story, Theresa! I want to hear more from your girls as the project progresses :)

Yours in Girl Scouting,

Erin Huerter

Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska Community Outreach Specialist

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