Homemade Holiday Gifts

I remember as a kid always wanting so badly to be independent during the holidays and be able to give gifts that:
A. The person to whom I was giving, wasn’t also the purchaser (aka, mom and dad)
B. Would be a surprise for that person! It’s hard to make it a surprise when they are taking it through the check-out lane.

Anyway – this article that I found on easy, homemade holiday gifts is perfect! All of these supplies are for the most part simple and around the house. So, allow yourself some creativity (and anonymity) and make your gifts this year. I personally love the idea of something homemade and I think most people do – especially when it comes from the heart!

This one is my favorite of the 7 ideas they give and judging from the looks of it – the most inexpensive and most likely you will have the supplies at home needed to make these adorable and practical creatures!

Check out the article and I then I want to see pictures of any homemade presents that you have made! Send them to me by email or post them on our Facebook page!

Yours in Girl Scouting,


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