Nature 2.0

Girl Scouts have always had a strong understanding of the importance of nature conservation. Through Girl Scouting, girls learn to see the earth as their home. Whether learning about endangered wildlife, developing creative recycling projects or earning badges, Girl Scouts are always focused on care, conservation and responsibility.

Gold Award recipient Stephanie Paul channeled her passion for nature conservation into her Gold Award project, Nature 2.0. Stephanie designed and assembled “Nature-in-a-Box” activity sets to enhance the Nature Program at YMCA Camp Kitaki. The boxes include games and learning opportunities that focus on preservation of our natural resources.

Stephanie’s Nature-in-a-Box sets were a HUGE hit at Camp Kitaki and were enjoyed by over 2,000 visitors last summer.

In addition to the Nature-in-a-Box activities, Stephanie further improved Camp Kitaki by cleaning and organizing its nature lodge.

Nature 2.0 will be sustained by Camp Kitaki. Stephanie is the daughter of Vic Paul and Linda Rock-Paul. Her Troop Advisor was Linda Rock-Paul and her Project Advisor was Natalie Roberts-Day of YMCA Camp Kitaki.

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