New GM CEO Gives Great Advice

Just recently Mary Barra was promoted to CEO of General Motors.
Though the occasion was monumental for the car industry (first woman CEO of an American car company EVER!), it was no surprise to most as Mary Barra has been making positive waves on the GM culture for years. As I read the article about her appointment, I saw that she gave a commencement speech last summer at the Kettering University, her alma mater. In that speech she gave five pieces of advice. As I read them, I couldn’t help but notice how closely they resemble the Girl Scout’s mission, motto, Promise and Law.

Makes a great case for role that Girl Scouts plays in the future success of the leaders we are helping to creating for tomorrow.  Many women got their start in the business world through their exposure to the Girl Scout Cookie Program and it is where many girls begin to establish and strengthen their core values.

Congratulations to another fantastic female role model for all girls and women in America and the WORLD.  Vroom-vroom!

Yours in Girl Scouting,

Erin Huerter

Erin is an Outreach Specialist and blogger for Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska and works in the Omaha office.

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