No Troop? No Problem.

I wanted to start this blog post off with a sneak peek video depicting just a spark of the full spectrum of what Girl Scouts has to offer, and then I want to explain something very important to you!You can join Girl Scouts without being in a troop! I know, crazy right!? The Troop Pathway is a fantastic route for many girls and their parents – but for some, a troop schedule just doesn’t work.  Many people are not aware that participation is possible sans troops and some are of the mind that Girl Scouts totally isn’t right for their schedule. Well, guess what? That is NOT the case! Girls are able to participate in Girl Scouts in hundreds of different ways, and that doesn’t always have to include being part of a troop.

Think of this: By joining Girl Scouts, a girl or young women simply becomes a member of our organization and it’s then eligible to sign up for any number of adventures – where she can meet new friends, enjoy exciting experience and most importantly – HAVE FUN! There is no pressure to join a troop. She can be a solo member or “Individual Girl Member” (as we like to call them), and then adventures/programs/trips/events can be signed up for at leisure and in such a way that will easily fit into a busy girl or family schedule.

“What are these adventures that you speak of, Erin?!” I thought you would never ask!

You can find many of them in our 2013-2014 Annual Program Book which was just published! There are some major activities and cool never-before-offered experiences available this year for girls! You can check out all of them here.  If you were registered with Girl Scouts during the past two years, then you will be getting one in your mailbox soon OR you can call this number and have one mailed to you:  877.447.5558 x201. Sign up and start your adventure today!  There is time to do it ALL and we will show you how Girl Scouts can fit your busy lifestyle.


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