Reaching Out Many Helping Hands

Michaela Krichau and Sarah Lynn Rezac team up to Go Gold!

Can you imagine not having a safe place to sleep at night, or not knowing where your next meal is coming from? It is hard enough to imagine as an adult, but for children, the plight of being homeless is devastating. Understanding that homelessness is a serious and real issue for our communities, Michaela Krichau and Sarah Lynn Rezac were moved to Take Action! Their joint Gold Award Project, Operation OUTREACH, benefited the People’s City Mission of Lincoln, an organization that provides shelter and services for the homeless.

Michaela and Sarah began their project by working with their team to hold seven, four-hour candle making workshops. They then sold the candles and used the funds raised to buy supplies for Operation OUTREACH.

Sarah and Michaela, and the team of volunteers they recruited, purchased supplies and made 50 tie blankets and 50 tie pillows. They also collected 264 stuffed animals. All of the items were donated to the People’s City Mission.  The generosity of these girls and their team is already making a world of difference in the lives of children who are going through a family crisis.

Operation OUTREACH will continue to provide comfort to families because the girls’ advisor, Pastor Andrew Kitzing and the parishioners of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church have agreed to keep the project going through donations and volunteerism.

Michaela and Sarah are from Lincoln. Michaela is the daughter of Tammy Krichau and Sarah is the daughter of Rachel Rezac.

Getting ready to Go Gold?  Please write and tell us about your plans and your project.

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