Silly Stories for Students

Sometimes when you’re trying to think of new ways to reach young students, it helps to think outside the box and get a little, well, silly. That is exactly what Megan Webber did when she came up with the idea for her Gold Award Take Action project, “Silly Stories on CD.”

“Silly Stories on CD” helps teach first graders phonics in a creative way. Megan started her project by working with seventh graders at Russell Middle School. Together, they wrote and illustrated their own “twisted” version of classic fairy tales. Megan then took the students, and the books they created, to the library and taught them how to use Garage Band, a computer program that lets you record audio. The students recorded themselves reading their stories, burned them onto discs and put them in packages with the books.

Megan then delivered the books and CDs to Willowdale Elementary, where first grade students will learn phonics—and how words look and sound—while reading and listening to the CDs at the same time!

The Russell Middle School 7th graders loved the project so much, they have agreed to continue writing silly stories and recording them to CDs.

Megan is from Omaha. She is the daughter of Robert Webber and Mary Legg-Webber. Her troop advisor was Mary Legg-Webber and her Take Action project was advised by Erin Dietsch, Media Specialist at Russell Middle School.


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