STEM is the New -House-

Earlier this week – my sister posted this amazing video on my wall.  As a frame of reference – this is a photo of me with my sisters as kids:

I’m the tall blonde… oh, how times have changed me!

Anyway, this video reminded me of my youth and growing up with these two hooligans. We were little troublemakers for my mother and father. And while we did our fair share of make-believe that involved scenarios such as “house,” “school,” “restaurant,” “church,” and even some “destroy and conquer”- – we were never really exposed to things like engineering –- let alone kinetic sculpture. Though I do remember vividly taking apart toys, clocks, and bikes and putting them back together to see if I could make them work again.  I was actually pretty good at it.

Now, here we are today:

None of us did fall into any of the STEM fields. We actually all work directly with youth in some form or another. Which makes sense given our strengths but sometimes I wonder if I had had a mentor or teacher expose me to the fields of STEM in a different way if I would have gone that route.  Knowing this, I can look to the girls and young women that I work for and hope to be that mentor and teacher that help them be exposed to as many different options as possible. Who knows where it may take her!

For more information on STEM programming through Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska, email me!

Have a great weekend!

Yours in Girl Scouting,


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