Volunteer with Girl Scouts

Being a kid is awesome – tons of perks as I remember :)   – but there are some limitations to the tasks that can be accomplished as a wee one.

As a Girl Scout, a girl or young woman can dream as big as her heart desires – but without the support – both mental and physical – of a caring, present adult, those dreams might not become reality. This week I wanted to discuss how crucial a role that volunteering plays, not only for our organization, but (and more importantly, I might add) for the girls and young women themselves.

A Girl Scout Daisy – no matter how ambitious and willing to make it to the “1000 Club” – cannot sell Girl Scout Cookies alone. She needs someone to be her chaperone, to drive her, help her carry boxes, support her emotionally if she gets turned away (though turning away a 5 year-old is pretty unlikely!) and help her develop the skills she will use to make a pitch, count money and set goals. The same goes for all of our girls, no matter their age. Proper love, care, attentiveness and guidance is the foundation when nurturing a child.

Now think, our ambitious Daisy has grown and is now a Girl Scout Senior. She is now more confident in her abilities and stronger in her passion of Girl Scouting. More mature and independent now, she may not need the driver (even though she will need someone with her), the muscle or even the support if she is turned away. She has perfected her pitch, is a pro at counting money and has moved into learning financial empowerment, she even has a personal savings account! She knows how to set goals and then exceeds them by double and triple. The role of volunteer looks different for a Senior – but it also means more opportunity. Like taking the money earned from selling cookies and going white water rafting or on a trip to Chicago or India. With a chaperone, she can go on those trips on her own and be the one who dreamed it up, planned it and earned it. That’s “Girl Power” and that is why a volunteer – or at that point, a mentor and friend – is crucial to leadership development.

From the “1000 Club” Daisy, to the trip-to-India Senior – Girl Scouts need volunteers and caring adults to guide them!  Consider taking time for the young people around you; help them achieve their goals, be successful and watch their dreams become a reality.

Volunteer with Girl Scouts, today.

Yours in Girl Scouting,


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