Why Erin Gives to Girls

I don’t enjoy discussing money which is why I work in a department here at Spirit of Nebraska that spends the money…not asks for it!  Even though I know it is what keeps the organization running at full power. This was a more difficult post to write because I writing to ask for money.  Here’s the truth: I believe so strongly that what we do empowers girls and builds their confidence–my aversion has turned into passion and I put my money where my mouth is, too.

Are you ready?

Today I am writing to tell you why I give to Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska (GSSN). First, I would like to add that I feel as though I have sideline seat into the impactful work that we do, so my view is biased.  However, the impact we have is so profound that I know that after you hear about it, you, too, will want to Give to Girls. Not only does GSSN provide support to thousands of troop leaders and girls everyday–we are always looking for ways to bring Girl Scouting into those parts of our cities, towns and villages where girls are perhaps not exposed to their own leadership potential and all of the doors that will open for them later and the opportunities that will bring.

Last year, because of generous donations, like the one we are asking you to make this week, we were able to provide Girl Scouting to more than 2,500 girls around the state who would not otherwise have had the opportunity because they either lack the financial resources or access to volunteers. That meant that we were able to take Girl Scouts – the tradition, the values, the fun and friendship and YES, even the cookie program – into places like the Douglas County Youth Detention Center, Native American reservations, community centers, group homes, playgrounds and cafeterias. We take Girl Scouting into the heart of urban areas that are underserved all the way out to the vast rural communities where the needs of girls and children grow more essential every day.

The reach of Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska is much greater than you may think. Every time I tell people what I do, they have that look of thrilled curiosity, one that I am happy to entertain! “You have Girl Scout troops where?” The more that you know, means the more we grow, which translates into more girls and young women being exposed to their own possibilities; nurtured by volunteers who are committed to seeing every girl succeed. The only way to do this…is together.  The only way we can accomplish our goals is when everyone Gives to Girls.

I know the dollars that I give go toward greatness when I give to Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska. Help me give to greatness by giving to girls on Thursday, October 31.  Thank you.  Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Yours in Girl Scouting,



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