Community Outreach

Bringing Girl Scouting to All Girls

When people think of Girl Scouting, they often think about a troop of girls—generally from the same peer group or school—led by a volunteer parent, and quite possibly supported by several other helpful parents at weekly meetings in someone’s home. However, for more than 2,000 Nebraska Girl Scouts, there is a different story. These girls, mostly from under-served parts of our cities and towns, are supported in their Girl Scout activities by our Community Outreach program. Through this program, we are able to bring the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls at 69 sites—community and education centers, schools, boys and girls clubs, group homes, detention centers, YWCAs—throughout Nebraska.

Without the support of grant funding, public and private donations and volunteers, we would not have the resources needed to bring this valuable leadership experience to girls whose neighborhoods are defined by social economic indicators as under-served. These girls are in highly urban and lower income areas of our cities, towns and our state, and lack the necessary means and volunteer engagement to support the structure of a Girl Scout troop, their meetings, field trips and activities…including the Cookie Program and artVenture. Our goal is to bring Girl Scouting to these girls and all girls, regardless of their ethnicity, background, location or economic status.

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