I Am Selling Girl Scout Cookies

Cookies are Coming!

It’s time to begin planning your Girl Scout Cookie Program! Please fill out one of the below intent forms to let us know that you are interested in helping your girls become cookie-selling CEOs and funding their Girl Scout activities.

Hallie the Hedgehog is our 2016 mascot and she is ready to lead you to cookie success! The 2016 cookie program has AWESOME incentives, easier online sales, the return of Bling Your Booth and more!

Please note: Girl Scout Cookies will be 4.00 per package in 2016 and troop profits will be .60 per package (.70 if you opt out of receiving Girl Scout Cookie recognitions).

Reminder: Troops should submit their Cookie Intent Form so that we can inform you of upcoming Troop Cookie Manager sessions.

We want to reach your cookie goals, so here is important information, safety requirements and cookie marketing materials to maximize your Cookie Program experience.

IMPORTANT: Remember, it's always best to work online with an adult nearby! It is required if you are younger than 13 years of age.

Ready for Fun?
Let us know today by email if you want to become a Cookie Seller and a Girl Scout or if you have any questions about this incredible program!

Enhance your innovation and critical thinking skills. Earn Girl Scout Financial Literacy and Cookie Business badge! See all the badges you can earn by running your own cookie business.