Petal by Petal, Your Daisy Will Bloom

Girl Scouts do amazing things everyday! They go on adventures, play outdoors, help their community and have a blast with their Daisy friends.

Get your fun and free Grow a Daisy Kit, so that you and your daughter can begin her incredible journey into Girl Scouts. Each kit comes with instructions and seeds—to plant your own daisy garden. Your daughter will learn the Girl Scout promise and discover the world that surrounds her!

Please Note: Daisy kits were created for girls in K-1 who are not yet members, but are interested in learning more about Girl Scouts. If you are a Girl Scout, you will already be doing the same Daisy activities with your troop!

Grow a Daisy Kit Request (email)

Daisy Petals
This is what your Daisy flower will look like when you have earned all of your petals.

Hi, are you a Girl Scout Daisy Leader? We have additional guidelines for your troop activities and National Leadership Journeys, please check out the Quick Start for Troop Volunteers.