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Due to overwhelming customer response and the delivery delays we are experiencing, we are extending the Girl Scout Cookie Program through March 12, 2017!

Thank you for volunteering to support the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Because of you, girls will gain valuable skills that help them succeed, power their amazing experiences and have fun!

Your girls will thank you!

We are celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouts selling cookies and have added a delicious cookie to the line-up: Girl Scout S’mores!

Gluten Free Trios cookies are back and will be available online PLUS on the initial order.

Start your Girl Scout Cookie adventure by completing your troop or an individual participant intent form today!

Important Program Dates (all 2017)

  • January 10 – Initial Cookie Order Entered, Committed & PSC Notified
  • January 30 to February 3 – Initial Cookie Order Delivery
  • February 3 to March 12 – Direct Door-To-Door and Online Sales
  • February 5 to March 12 – Planned Orders Entered EOD Sunday; Pick Up No Earlier Than Wednesday
  • February 10 to March 12 – Cookie Booth Sales
  • February 21 – ACH 50% Of Amount Due to Council from Initial Cookie Order
  • March 10 – ACH Remaining 50% Of Amount Due to Council from Initial Cookie Order
  • March 13 – Recognition Order Entered, Committed & PSC Notified
  • March 30 – ACH 100% Of Amount Due to Council from All Cookie Cupboard Orders
  • April 17 – Recognition Distribution Begins

Here is a digital copy of the 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Family Guide

Here is a digital copy of our cookie baker’s Volunteer Magazine.

Contact Your Product Program Team 

  • Traci Cherrington 
    Phone: 402.779.8220
    Fax: 402.558.8060
    Toll Free: 877.447.5558
    Email Traci

  • MeLisa Long 
    Phone: 402.476.7539 x1120
    Fax: 402.476.0966
    Toll Free: 800.487.2578
    Email MeLisa

  • Vicki Hanus    
    Phone: 402.564.8822
    Fax: 402.564.9967
    Toll Free 800.695.6690
    Email Vicki

  • Misty Elliott 
    Grand Island
    Phone: 308.382.2020 x12
    Fax: 308.382.2331
    Toll Free: 800.627.5940
    Email Misty