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Outreach in Action

We are changing lives by reaching out to the girls who need us most!

We have many success stories and have seen the impact of our Community Outreach Program on the girls we serve.

We also hear from our volunteers that this experience has been a rewarding and enriching part of their lives. If you are interested in volunteering at an Outreach site, please send us an email.

Girl Scout troops from Central Park and Sherman Elementary recently teamed up with the Black Police Officers Association to work their magic and spruce up two Omaha parks.

Outreach in Action

Check back for more stories and photos that illustrate our Community Outreach Program in action!

BFF (Be a Friend First)

Girls are being bullied! They feel unsafe in their schools, on social media and amongst their peers.

In response to the bullying epidemic, Girl Scouts of the USA developed the BFF curriculum for girls in middle school.

Learn more about how Spirit of Nebraska is empowering girls to stop bullying in their schools.