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2012 Council Highlights cont.
Council Programs
In 2012, nine Spirit of Nebraska program staff delivered 133 programs to 10,278
girls, adults and family members across the state.
At our first YWECamp program, eight professional women were paired with eight
high school girls for a weekend of mentoring and leadership development at
Catron Camp and Retreat Center.
The 2nd annual Girl Scout Cookie University was a success with 21 high school
girls attending a three-day event at UNO’s College of Business Administration.
Girls discussed and developed business skills in workshops led by business
owners and university professors.
Another highlight of the year was the 100th anniversary parties we sponsored
in seven locations across the state. More than 1800 girls and family members
attended to honor the sisterhood that unites Girl Scouts everywhere and
celebrate this milestone birthday.
First “Direct Sale” Cookie Program
For the first time, Girl Scouts in the Spirit of Nebraska Council had cookies in hand
when they embarked upon their Cookie Program in 2012. The new, “direct sale”
format was a boon for cookie consumers and helpedNebraska girls sell an average of
23.4more boxes per girl. Total number of boxes sold by girls increased 14.77%over 2011.
Community Outreach
Our CommunityOutreach programprovides theGirl Scout Leadership Experience to
girls whomay not otherwise have themeans or opportunity to becomeGirl Scouts. In
2012, 2,139 girls participated in our CommunityOutreach programat one of 39 sites
throughout Nebraska.
Through expansion efforts, wewere able to serve 390 additional girls including a
growingmigrant population inOmaha. We also expanded into the Sarpy County
DetentionCenter and added a full-time staff member in the northeast corner of the
state to serve the communities of Schuyler, Columbus, Mace, Winnebago and Santee.
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