2012 Annual Report - page 7

Camping Numbers
Our girls love our camps. During the past year, 2,732 Girl Scouts
participated in camp programs at one of our six camp properties
across the state. In addition, 184 training participants, 3,786 troop
campers, 3,356 lease rental groups and girls attending non-camp
programs utilized our properties over the past year, for a total of
11,000 visitors enjoying a stay at a Spirit of Nebraska camp.
Lake Maloney, North Platte
With a ribbon cutting ceremony onOctober 31, 2012, the new
LakeviewCabin officially opened its doors to theNorth Platte
community and to our Girl Scoutmembers in thewestern part of the
state. This spacious, new cabin has the capacity to host two separate
groups at one time and sleeps up to 38 (19 each side). It is furnished,
winterized and air conditioned and hasmodern bathrooms and
showers! Among its other amenities, LakeviewCabin provides
breathtaking views of LakeMaloney.
Hilltop House
Construction began on Hilltop House, a newGirl Scouts Spirit
of Nebraska education center. The nearly 2,200 sq ft Hilltop
House, which is being built just northwest of 14th and Superior
Street, will sit upon 32 acres of mixed prairie grass. The building
will provide facilities for both indoor and outdoor programming
with a classroom, storage space, indoor bathrooms and a partial
basement should there be inclement weather while girls
are visiting.
Fundraising/Public Support
We ended the year with an increase in overall fundraising from
our previous fiscal year. These dollars support our Outreach,
programming, financial assistance and general operations. We
also saw a 34% increase in our artVenture event net revenue and
hadmore than 1000 girls participate in artVenture collaborations
across the state.
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