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irl Scout Pathways let you choose your own adventure! You can choose to join a troop or you
can become a member all by yourself! Youmay stay on one Pathway or move between any
number of them. Whatever you decide, in Girl Scouting you will learn about yourself and the world
around you, and you will take action on what inspires you.
The Spirit of Nebraska Council offers activities throughout the entire state, so whether you live
near Chimney Rock, along the Platte River, by the Great Platte River Archway or near the state
capital, you will discover exciting opportunities in your area. Of course, if you want to venture out
on the open road, we encourage you to participate in events across the state and don’t forget to
bring your Pathways Passport with you!
Explore a topic without making
a long-termcommitment.
Meet two or more times to
immerse yourself in one theme
or area of interest.
If you have high energy but
limited time to spend, join us
for these one-or-two-time
opportunities that will focus on
a specific theme.
Explore the world (or at least
a corner of it) and journey to
destinations near and far.
Want to explore the great
outdoors with a group of like-
minded girls? This Pathway
will take you to camp or other
settings in nature.
Pathways are
a great way to
volunteer with
Girl Scouts.
You can choose a path
that best utilizes your
experience, expertise,
skills, interests and
availability. Work with
girls directly through
any of the six Pathways
and participate in a
way that inspires you.
For more volunteer
opportunities, see
pages 82-88 or visit
Find Your Voice
Explore a program related to our
council theme; look for the icon
next to programs that indicate they
are finding your voice programs.
Learn to conserve groundwater
and ways to better take care
of our earth by participating
in groundwater foundation
sponsored program. The icon
next to the program listing
indicates the program is a
groundwater themed program.
Programon Demand
Enjoy a council created program
at a time and place that is
convenient for your troop or
group by choosing one or more of
our great programs on demand.
girl scout Pathways
Not a
Girl Scout?
Sign Up Today!
See “How to
Become a
Girl Scout”
on page 97.
ou will notice quotes by girls throughout
this book. These are Spirit of Nebraska
Girl Scouts who answered the question
are some
that I have
oundmy voice
through my
Girl Scout experience?”
You will also notice
scattered throughout
the programbook. We encourage girls to let their friends
know about all the cool experiences they are having in
Girl Scout Spirit of Nebraska programs. Use the hashtags
through Twitter, Instagram, Vine or Facebook!
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