2013 Girl Scout Cookie Program Parent Guide - page 11

Girl Scout
Tell theworld
Girl Scout
Let the world know that you’re
a proud Cookie supporter!
These one-of-a-kind support
messages can be shared via
social media or downloaded for
printing. You will find the link at
girl-scout-shouts. Post as your
Facebook timeline cover or use
as your profile pic. Share on
Pinterest. Tweet it. Or, download
and print to create stickers or
make buttons. The possibilities
are endless!
• Check on her progress during
the sale. Help her live by the
Girl Scout Promise and Law,
and discuss how it applies to
business ethics throughout
the activity.
• Let your friends know how
proud you are of your Girl Scout
and her participation in the
Girl Scout Cookie Program.
Check out Girl Scout Shouts, a
collection of fun badges and art
designed for sharing via social
media or printing.
• For more about the Girl Scout
Cookie Programand downloads
about the 5 skills, go to www.
2013 Cookie Program
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