2013 Girl Scout Cookie Program Parent Guide - page 4

There’s more to
Girl Scout cookies
than what’s in the box.
Selling cookies teaches goal setting, decisionmaking, money management,
people skills, and business ethics—aspects essential to leadership, to success,
and to life.
Goal Setting
Selling cookies is cool. I get to hang out withmy friends and talk to all kinds of
new people. Andmy Girl Scout friends and I figured out real goals, like how we
want cookie buyers to feel when they buy a box. Or what good we can do with
themoney wemake. Selling cookies has definitely mademe look at the world
differently. It has mademe think more about what I do, what I can accomplish by
doing it, and why I’mdoing it. It has mademe realize how good it feels to work really
hard to reach a goal.
Decision Making
When I sell cookies withmy Girl Scout sisters, I makemy own decisions, like how
many boxes I want to sell, how to explain to people the good that comes from
buying a box of cookies, and how hard I’mworking tomakemy goal. We all have
to agree on what we’ll do with themoney, whichmeans talking it out and being
okay with sometimes not getting my way. And I have to figure out how to solve
problems, like what to do when one of the girls is sick and can’t help out. My
decisions matter. I’m responsible. There’s no looking tomomor dad for help.
Money Management
Working withmy Girl Scout team to sell cookies, I’ve learned a whole lot about
money. I now see how it works, how a business is run on it, and why money matters
not just tome but to everyone. I see how it can do good for the world if used right.
And how you have to watch not just themoney coming in, but themoney you
spend. I’ve also learned how to better manage it. Now, I think twice before I buy
something withmy ownmoney—or at least come up with a better reason to ask
mom for more.
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