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People Skills
Asking a stranger or even a neighbor to buy a box of cookies can be hard. I can’t
be shy. I have to speak up and look them in the eye when I’m talking. And I have to
be able to explain why I’mdoing what I’mdoing. Everyone likes cookies. But when I
explain what themoney we’remaking is used for and what I’m learning from selling
cookies, people feel even better about buying a box—or four. And I feel good, too.
Business Ethics
Working with the other girls to sell cookies, I see how important it is to keep your
word all the time. And why it’s important to build trust. If I don’t do something I say
I will, it ends up hurting not just me but the other girls, too. I can’t say, “Yeah, sure,”
and then not do anything. That only makes it harder for us to reach our goal. Now I
know how important my word is.
ThroughGift of Sharing girls learn about
philanthropy and community service
while increasing their troop and personal
rewards. Troops choose a charitable
organization towhich they would like
to donateGirl Scout Cookies. Girls ask
their customers if they would like to
purchase a package (or two or three) to
be donated to this chosen charity.
Gift of Sharing sales count towards
the girl’s total packages sold,
recognitions earned and troop profit.
Plus, each girl selling one package of
Gift of Sharing cookies receives the
“Cookie Share” patch.
Gift of Sharing purchases are tax
deductible (cookies purchased for
personal consumption are not). If your
customers would like a receipt for their
Gift of Sharing purchase, check with
your TroopCookieManager for
receipt options.
Here is how it works:
• There is a blank column on
the cookie order card labeled
Gift of Sharing.
• Customers who wish to purchase
cookies for donation will write the
column; they should NOT specify
a variety.
• The Gift of Sharing packages
are included in the TOTAL
packages sold to determine
your Total Amount Due and
recognitions earned.
• All money fromGift of Sharing
cookies is due with your Scout’s
cookiemoney on dates specified
by the troop.
• The troop will keep all Gift of
Sharing cookies to deliver to the
charity with the girls.
Gift of Sharing
2013 Cookie Program
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