2013 Girl Scout Cookie Program Parent Guide - page 6

Command Center
COCO is your online “Cookie Command” center for your cookie
business. With features for goal setting, planning and online
marketing, COCO is an online destination that gives you all of
the tools and resources to be successful in your cookie sales
and build the five key skills that are at the heart of theGirl Scout
Cookie Program.
COCO helps you:
• Set your goal of howmany packages of cookies you want to sell
this year.
• Make plans for how you will reach your goals.
• Send Cheers and words of encouragement to your teammates.
• Check how you’re doing along the way.
• Send eCards to your friends and family to tell them it’s cookie
time and ask for their support.
• Maintain a database of customers and refer to it from year to year.
IMPORTANT: Remember, it’s always best to work online with an adult.
How to Login
It’s easy to get started! Visit abcsmartcookies.com.
• If you used Catch Goals in the past: Use the same Catch Goals ID as
your COCO username and your first name as your COCO password
to login. NOTE: Your COCO password is case-sensitive, whichmeans
that “Sophia,” “sophia” and “SOPHIA” are seen by COCO as three
different passwords.
• If you don’t remember your Catch Goals ID or how you entered your
first name when you created your Catch Goals account: Click on the
ID Reminder link to find your information.
• If you need a new username and password: Click on the Register link
to create a new username and password.
Tell your leader and the troop about
the goals you set and your progress
towards reaching them, and earn the
Goal Getter patch!
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