2013 Girl Scout Cookie Program Parent Guide - page 7

Recognition Opt Out
Troops may choose to NOT receive any cumulative recognitions or Cookie
Dough in order to receive an additional 10¢ per package in troop profit (60¢
per package total). Girls still earn all patches as applicable, but they do not
earn any recognition items or Cookie Dough.
In order to receive the additional troop profit, EVERY girl in the troop, and
her parent, must sign a 2013 Recognition Opt Out Contract which will be
submitted to the council to verify the troop’s choice. Check with your
Troop Cookie Manager and/or Leader for details.
“Together” Patch
Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska offers a “Together”
patch for girls within the same household who
sell a COMBINED TOTAL of 200 packages of
cookies. All standard recognition items are
earned based on the number of packages
sold by each individual girl; NOT THE
To receive the “Together” patches for your Girl Scouts, the parent/guardian
must complete the Together Patch Order Form from the council website
and submit it to the OLDEST girl’s troop by
MARCH 25, 2013. The OLDEST girl’s troop will order ALL of the “Together”
patches and they will be distributed to the OLDEST girl with her other
recognition items.
2013 Cookie Program
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