2013 Girl Scout Cookie Program Parent Guide - page 8

Theme Patch
25-59 Packages
Pencil Sharpener Set OR
$5 Cookie Dough
60-109 Packages
Beach Towel OR Bolster Pillow
OR $25 Cookie Dough
500+ Packages
Large Plush Dolphin OR
$10 Cookie Dough
260-309 Packages
Girl Rewards
Recognitions are cumulative! Girls earn the choice of items at ALL
levels up to the TOTAL packages sold between February 15 and
March 24, 2013.
Ring in Dolphin Box OR
$10 Cookie Dough
210-259 Packages
Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska’s 500
Club rewards the top cookie sellers
inNebraska with fantastic prizes or
additional levels of CookieDough.
Starting at 500 packages girls earn
points. With these points girls choose
froma variety of prizes such asmovie
tickets, amusement andwater park
passes, electronics, andCookieDough.
Points can be used for one itemor split
for multiple items, i.e.: 5 points earned
can be used for two 2 point items and
a 1 point item, one 3 point itemand one
2 point item, or one 5 point itemand
are earned based on additional
packages sold.
500 Club and
NEW 1000 Club
1,2,3,4,5,6,7 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16
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