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Complete this form ONLY if you are a leader or a Troop Cookie Manager. If you are an individual girl who wants to participate in the Cookie Program, click here.
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2015 Cookie Manager Position Description:

1) Register as a 2014-2015 adult Girl Scout member AND complete a Background Check and Volunteer Application

2) Attend a Troop Cookie Manager training session.

3) Follow the policies and procedures detailed in the Troop Cookie Handbook given at training.

--Training the girls and their parents.
--Checking ALL order card(s) and compiling and entering troop cookie and recognition orders.
--Picking up cookies and distributing to each girl.
--Receiving ALL cookie money from each girl.
--Providing Troop Profit to troop per procedure in Troop Cookie Handbook.
--Providing Amount Due to Council per procedure in Troop Cookie Handbook.
--Picking up troop recognitions and distributing to girls.
--Scheduling girls and parents for Cookie Booths (if applicable).
--Managing cookie inventory for Cookie Booths, including picking up cookies from cupboards (if applicable).
--Managing all money for Cookie Booths (if applicable).