I Am Selling Girl Scout Cookies

A Lifetime of Experience.

More than anyone, you know that selling Girl Scout Cookies is WAY more than handing over a box of treats in exchange for $3.50. Selling cookies is funding your Girl Scout fun and learning skills that will help you build confidence!

How to Sell Girl Scout Cookies (PDF)

We want to reach your cookie goals, so here is important information, safety requirements and cookie marketing materials to maximize your Cookie Program experience.

Online Girl Scout Cookies are HERE!
We are happy to announce that beginning this year, Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska will offer online cookie sales options for you and your customers!

Your one-stop-shop for all things digital is COCO Command Center.

Log onto COCO Command Center where you will find COCOMobile and COCODirect. Download apps, use the website template, track goals and MORE! When cookies go on sale in Nebraska, you will be able to email a link to prospective customers or use the app to take orders in person! Customers will pay for cookies and shipping when they order online. Girls won’t have to collect any money or fulfill the order, but they WILL get credit for the sale!

In fact, all online sales made February 6 through March, 8, 2015, will count toward girl recognitions, troop proceeds and Cookie Dough (Note: online sales of gluten-free Trios earn double the troop proceeds, at $1.00 per package sold, but do not count in girl recognition totals.) The council will upload every online sale into SNAP—meaning there’s no extra work for our volunteers!

IMPORTANT: Remember, it's always best to work online with an adult nearby! It is required if you are younger than 13 years of age.

Ready for Fun?
Let us know today by email if you want to become a Cookie Seller and a Girl Scout or if you have any questions about this incredible program!

2015 Cookie Parent Guide (PDF)

Enhance your innovation and critical thinking skills. Earn Girl Scout Financial Literacy and Cookie Business badge! See all the badges you can earn by running your own cookie business.