Finding Your Voice!

Take Back the Power, Girls.

Media, in all forms—television, radio, books, magazines, theater, photographs, and yes, social media—is a central and influential part of our lives. There is power, both to build up and to devastate and it holds the power to educate and communicate. It gives us a portal through which we can learn from the experiences of others; connecting in ways that make the world smaller and our voices bigger.

This year, we are leading the charge with our council-wide theme, Finding Your Voice: The Power of Media. Our hope is to challenge girls to look critically at incoming messages so that they can recognize and filter the negative, and generate and share the positive. We are encouraging girls to express themselves through writing, art, music, texting, social media, public speaking and more.
Here is one way you can Find Your Voice and share it on our website!

“When I Find My Voice” Poster Download 8.5x11 (Word)

“When I Find My Voice” Poster Download 11x17 (Word)

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If you would like to find your voice in at a fun program, join us this year for a Girl Scout experience! Please take a look at our Annual Program Book here.

Also, check out the Finding Your Voice: The Power of Media webinar here.