Badges, Journey Awards and Patches

At every Girl Scout grade level, girls will work out of a Journey book, badge skill-set and/or their Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. There are varying requirements for each of the Girl Scout recognitions and some, like patches, may be collected just for fun!

Badges: These are earned by completing specific achievements in the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting or a badge skill-set. Some badges can take more than one outing to complete and girls may have activities they complete on their own to finish the requirements. Badges are placed on the front of the uniform vest or sash.

Journey Awards: Girls in each Girl Scout grade level have three series of Journeys from which they can work. Once girls have finished a series, they will have worked toward, and earned their Journey Award for that book. Journey Awards are also official badges and are to be placed on the front of the uniform.

Patches: These are for participation. They vary in size, shape, and appearance. There are special patches awarded for participation in a specific Girl Scout activity or event…and sometimes girls earn these by just having fun! Patches go on the back of the uniform vest or sash.