Nutrition Class and Grocery Store Tour

Join a Hy-Vee dietitian on a tour of the store and a nutrition class to learn the importance of healthy nutrition, how to make healthy food choices and how to read food labels. Make a nutritious snack and receive fun recipes!

Who: Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors & Ambassadors

When: Scheduled at your convenience.

840 East 23rd Street, 402.727.6717
50th & O Street, 402.314.6704
84th & Holdrege, 402.467.5505
27th & Superior, 402.477.4764
40th & Old Cheney, 402.421.2462
70th & Pioneers, 402.489.4244
Omaha area
51st & Center, 402.553.2664
35th & L Street, 402.731.6107
144th & Stony Brook, 402.697.0811
90th & Center, 402.384.9072
108th & Fort, 402.493.2089
79th & Cass, 402.384.8668
96th & Q St., 402.339.3047
132nd & Dodge St., 402.493.2911
180th & Q St., 402.896.4168
180th & Pacific, 402.334.4444
156th & Maple, 402.493.0390
72nd & Hwy 370 (Papillion), 402.597.5790
Council Bluffs
Mall of the Bluffs, 712.322.9260
2323 West Broadway, 712-328-9792


Cost: Call your local Hy-Vee for current price.

Capacity: Minimum 3, Maximum 20.

Registration: Call your local Hy-Vee dietitian to schedule the class.

Chaperones: Follow Safety Activity Checkpoints.

Recognitions: Girls participating in a nutrition class and grocery store tour may complete some requirements toward the Legacy Cook badge for their level as well as nutrition, health and wellness related badges.

Questions: If you have questions, please contact Jennie Dunavan by email or call 402.727.6717.

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