Keep Omaha Beautiful

Keep Omaha Beautiful

Keep Omaha Beautiful, Inc. is an environmental non-profit with the mission of Litter Reduction, Beautification and Education on Recycling and Solid Waste Issues.

Click here to get program packets or call 402.444.7774 and ask for Kay.


Help cleanup Omaha in your neighborhood, school grounds or park.

Daisies – Ambassadors
When: October 23-25, 2015
Cost: FREE! Each Girl Scout will receive fun coupons, plus a letter of commendation from the Mayor.
Where: Any Omaha community space.
Registration: Call 402.444.7774 or visit our website.
Questions: Contact Kay at 402.444.7774 or by email.


Keep Omaha Beautiful, Inc. will provide $50 (while funds are available) to any Girl Scout troop willing to pick up two miles or more of litter from any of the beautiful trails within the City of Omaha or dam-sites in our area. This program runs from April to October. This is a one-time per year per group program.

Who: Daisies – Ambassadors
When:  April – October 
Cost: ”We Pay You” (while funds are available) plus we’ll provide materials if needed.
Where: Any Omaha Trail
Registration: Call 402.444.7774


Keep Omaha Beautiful, Inc. is sponsoring a project to help elderly and disabled citizens with a one-time leaf raking/yard cleanup. Keep Omaha Beautiful, Inc. will partner your troop with a resident to help. Keep Omaha Beautiful, Inc. will provide bags and equipment for the cleanup if needed.

Who: Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassdors
When: Spring – Fall 
Cost: FREE
Where: Omaha area
Registration: Call 402.444.7774 for the name of an elderly or disabled person.


Enjoy an afternoon of fun with troop or family to learn about water quality in a really fun way by learning to canoe, fish, do science projects, face painting, children activities, arts, booths and free lunch from HyVee and Armour-Eckrich (first come first serve).

Who: Daisies, Brownies, Juniors
When: September 12, 2015
Cost: FREE
Where: Wehrspann Lake at 154th & Giles
Registration: Just come on out from noon to 4 p.m.
Recognitions: Participating in Keep Omaha Beautiful programs provide girls with an opportunity to complete requirements associated with environmental and service related badges and journeys.