SilverHammer Surveillance

SilverHammer Surveillance

SilverHammer Surveillance is a locally operated business specializing in business and residential surveillance camera system equipment and installation. Our store also features spy gear and covert systems for more internal investigations.

Public Safety Class, Surveillance Camera Store Tour and Demonstration, and Observation/Investigation Exercise

Join a surveillance camera expert on a tour of the store and do observation/investigation exercises to learn how to make detailed observations, and how to learn all the things surveillance cameras can do to support public safety. We will cater the program to the age of the group.

Who: Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes,
Seniors, Ambassadors, Families, Adults

When: By appointment

Cost:$10 per girl includes activities and snacks; Fee due at time of class

Recognitions: Brownie – Senses; Junior – Detective; Cadette – Special Agent; Senior – Truth Seeker

Capacity: Minimum 3, Maximum 12


Where: 501 S 16th Street, Omaha, NE 68102 (parking is metered)

Registration: Call or email us to schedule an appointment for a class, George 402.203.4184 or Theresa 402.616.2344

Follow Safety Activity Checkpoints

Refunds: n/a

Questions: Call or email, George 402.203.4184 or Theresa 402.616.2344 or visit us on the web.

Notes: Street parking and the lot to the East are available.