Leader Learning Opportunities

Required Learning for Troop Leaders

To be a troop leader, you are required to attend learning opportunities in this order:
  1. New Leader Orientation – provided by your Membership Specialist
  2. Discovering Girl Scouts
  3. Connecting to Your Grade Level

Discovering Girl Scouts

Required for new leaders and co-leaders.

Highly recommended for group and program volunteers.

Discovering Girl Scouts offers an introduction to the Spirit of Nebraska council and the many resources available. It provides a foundation to understanding Girl Scouting, a refreshing look at why it is so important and will introduce you to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Connecting to Your Grade Level

Required for leaders and co-leaders before meeting with a troop, and before meeting with a new grade-level. New leaders must complete Discovering Girl Scouts prior to attending.

Highly recommended for program or event volunteers.

This volunteer learning session provides a specific preview of Girl Scouting at the Daisy/Brownie/Junior grade level and the Cadette/Senior/ Ambassador grade level. Participants will be introduced to the program resources and tools that are available for their grade level, in conjunction with a detailed look at the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Attending the in-person learning Connecting to your Grade Level DBJ, and CSA, respectively, certifies volunteers in all three of those levels in one session.

Explore Out

Required for leaders, co-leaders, helpful parents or anyone who wants to take girls on an outdoor adventure that involves traveling away from the typical troop meeting location.

Completing Explore Out will give you essential information to safely take girls outside of their typical troop meeting place by teaching you the value of outdoor adventures, the progression of outdoor activities, signs and indicators for girl readiness, how to use Safety Activity Checkpoints and valuable safety guidelines for specific situations. It will also help you become familiar with the appropriate forms and paperwork related to outdoor activities.

There is no cost, but does require you to download and print the Explore Out Guide and complete Explore Out online quizzes. It will take you approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

Person-to-Person Learning or Online Learning?

Discovering Girl Scouts and Connecting to your Grade Level are available in two learning formats: person-to-person and online. Please consider your preferred learning style so that the session you choose best meets your needs.

Person-to-person is a learning environment for volunteers who learn best from a group experience and want questions answered on the spot. View our current Volunteer Learning Schedule for person-to-person learning opportunities.

Online learning is a good option for those who simply cannot make it to a person-to-person opportunity and is appropriate for those who prefer to learn at their own pace. For registration instructions for online learning sessions, click here.