Volunteering with Girl Scouts

You Will Make a Difference!

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Girl Scouts. Volunteering with us helps you make contacts, enhance your skills, apply your talents, discover your potential, build community and inspire girls everywhere.

After the initial application and screening process, together we will determine the best placement for you in the organization. We will then train you for the position to ensure that you have the tools you need as a volunteer. You will also be asked to officially join Girl Scouts (GSUSA) by paying national dues. You can start the process of becoming a volunteer by filling out an interest form.

Interested in volunteering with the Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska? If so, take a moment to fill out the Volunteer Application form listed below and someone will contact you for more information.

Here is additional information for those interested in volunteering.
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Volunteer Opportunities (PDF)
*Volunteer Application (PDF)
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*Adult Membership Registration Form (PDF)
*Membresía Para Adultos (PDF)
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