Journey Books

Discover. Connect. Take Action.

Want to be a leader and make a difference in the world? Girl Scout Journeys offer an exciting way for you to do that, while earning awards and achieving goals along the way.

There are three Journeys series: “It’s Your World—Change It” and “It’s Your Planet—Love it” and “It’s your Story—Tell It.”

Journey books are coordinated activities centered on a theme. They are written for each grade level, but provide opportunities to work in groups of all ages. Using your Journeys, your Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting and the Skill-Building Badge Activity Sets make for a complete Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

To find out more about Journeys visit the Girl Scout website. To purchase Journey books, Girl’s Guides or Skill-Building Activity Sets, visit your Juliette’s Boutique stores.

If you want to know more about Journeys and how to deliver them to the girls with whom you are an adult volunteer, check out our Journeys webinars here.

Because Girl Scouts of the USA gets regular feedback from members about their publications, the Journey books underwent a review in February 2012. As a result of that review, changes were made to the Journey books and replacement pages were created. Please find all of the replacement pages below. Print these on sticker paper to adhere to your Journey books. If you are unable to print, please let us know and we will provide you with printed stickers.

Journeys Replacement Pages

Agent of Change, page 27 (PDF)

Agent of Change en Espanol, pagina 27 (PDF)

Amaze, page 14 (PDF)

Amaze en Espanol, pagina 14 (PDF)

Amaze, page 21 (PDF)

Amuse, page 6 (PDF)

Amuse, pages 50-51 (PDF)

Amuse, page 77 (PDF)

Bliss, page 25 (PDF)

Girltopia, page 4 (PDF)

Girltopia, page 9 (PDF)

Girltopia, page 10 (PDF)

Girltopia en Espanol, pagina 10 (PDF)

Girltopia, page 78 (PDF)

Justice, page 55 (PDF)

Media, page 25 (PDF)

Media, page 27 (PDF)

Media, page 59 (PDF)

Media, page 72 (PDF)

Your Voice Your World, page 20 (PDF)

Your Voice Your World, page 82 (PDF)

Mission Sisterhood, page32 (PDF)

Mission Sisterhood, page72 (PDF)