+ I want to volunteer, how do I get started?

First, each adult completes a volunteer interest form and pays a $15 membership fee. Then, if working directly with girls, the volunteer applicant will undergo a comprehensive background check and pass council background screening requirements. Once completed, a council staff member will conduct an interview to determine the best volunteer role.

+ What does a Girl Scout volunteer do?

The possibilities are endless. You first make the decision if you want to work directly with girls or in some other capacity for the organization. Then, you should determine how much time you are willing to give. Because of the many “Pathways” we have to participate, a person can really devote as much or as little time at they want.

+ How much time will volunteering take?

Depending on your schedule and how much time you wish to donate, we can tailor a position to fit your interests, passions and skills.

+ What kind of support will I get from the Girl Scout Council?

If you are going to be a troop leader, you will go through a New Leader Orientation with your membership specialist. Then, you will take “Learning” courses, in Discovering Girl Scouts and Connecting to your Grade Level, to prepare you for your leader role. These learning experiences are available in person or online, for your convenience.

If you volunteer in another capacity with the council, training specific to your role will be offered.

+ Can men volunteer?

Yes. We have male volunteers. As a Girl Scout volunteer, you’ll work closely with a co-volunteer, because two adults must be present at all times while working with girls, and at least one of those volunteers must be female and not related to the other adult. Men can serve as troop volunteers, but an adult female who is not related will be present at all times. All adult volunteers go through a background screening process prior to working directly with girls.

+ Do I have troop meetings in my home?

That is certainly an option, but not required. A meeting place needs be clean, safe and provide a secure environment that allows for the participation of all girls. You might consider using meeting rooms at schools, libraries, houses of worship, community buildings, childcare facilities or local businesses.

+ How many of my own resources, supplies, etc. will I need to provide?

Only what you choose to provide. Helping girls earn and manage money is an integral part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Your Girl Scout group is responsible for planning and financing its own activities, with your guidance. Girl Scout groups are funded by a share of money earned through council sponsored Product Program activities (such as the Girl Scout Cookie Program), group money-earning activities and any dues your group may charge. Financial assistance is available for membership, books and uniforms, and council program activities for those who qualify.

+ How is Girl Scouts organized in Nebraska?

We are chartered by the national office to establish local responsibility for leadership, administration and supervision of Girl Scout programs. The national office provides support materials, to ensure that what is delivered through the council is consistent for all volunteers across the country. We have six service centers throughout the state and we own and operate six camp properties, and an education center, which are utilized year ‘round for Girl Scout programs and troop or group camping.

+ I would like to take my troop camping, do I need any special trainings?

Yes. We offer different types of outdoor learning opportunities depending upon your plans with your group or troop. These opportunities prepare you for many scenarios as you embark on your outdoor adventures.