Outdoor Learning Opportunities

Taking Girls on Outdoor Adventures.

Experiencing the outdoors is a big part of Girl Scouting and an adventure that girls will remember forever! Spirit of Nebraska offers a series of outdoor learning experiences that prepare volunteers with essential skills to take girls to any outdoor camp setting and incorporates the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.
Series of Outdoor Learning

Explore Out: this free, 45-minute webinar teaches you essential information for safely taking girls outside of their typical troop/group meeting place. You will learn about the value of the outdoors, how to use Safety Activity Checkpoints, emergency preparedness, appropriate forms and paperwork, progression and girl readiness in the outdoors, and dressing and packing.
  • Required for volunteers before traveling away from the typical troop/group meeting location.
  • Must be completed before attending Camp Out (Basic). Bring the printable-guide with you.
  • To renew, complete again before the end of five years.
  • Access the webinar and printable-guide
  • If you have taken Explore Out and want to learn more about getting girls outside, check out the Venture Out! a fun, free, interactive “outdoor” adventure made possible by Girl Scouts of the USA’s Elliott Wildlife Values Project.
Camp Out (Basic): this $15/participant, six-hour, in-person learning session prepares you to safely take girls to a camp setting. Topics covered include “leave no trace” principles, girl-led experiences, fire building, and outdoor cooking.
  • Required for volunteers before taking girls on a camping adventure that includes fire building and/or outdoor cooking.
  • Complete Explore Out before attending Camp Out (Basic).
  • To renew, complete again before the end of five years.
  • To register for an upcoming session, view the learning schedule here. Payment must be received in order to finalize registration.
  • View the Outdoor Cooking Guide (PDF)
  • Before you attend, see What you need to bring to Camp Out (Basic) – (PDF)
  • Please note: Volunteers who completed our former outdoor learning sessions Sleep Out Camp Out or Lodge Out Camp Out are certified in outdoor learning for five years. These volunteers wishing to renew their outdoor learning certification should then complete Camp Out (Basic) before the end of the five years.
Coming soon!
Camp Out (Plus): In the near future, be sure to look for our free webinars that will address topics such as: tenting, knot tying, hiking, and outdoor evening activities.