Sleep Out Camp Out

Sleep Out Camp Out

Sleep Out Camp Out learning sessions prepare you with essential skills to safely take girls into a variety of outdoor settings and learn night-time outdoor skills through an overnight camping experience. Skills covered include tenting, dressing/packing, leave no trace principles, outdoor fire-building, outdoor cooking methods, dishwashing, emergency preparedness, girl-led experiences, knot tying, hiking and outdoor evening activities.

Lodge Out Cabin Out is not a prerequisite to Sleep Out Camp Out. All five objectives covered in Lodge Out Cabin Out are also covered in the 21 objectives of Sleep Out Camp Out.

Upon completing a Spirit of Nebraska Sleep Out Camp Out learning session, a volunteer is certified in Sleep Out Camp Out outdoor learning for five years. Before the end of the five years, the volunteer must complete Outdoor Learning Recertification in order to continue taking girls on outdoor experiences and remain current in Spirit of Nebraska Outdoor Learning.
Outdoor Learning Recertification is currently under development. Please check back.

Volunteers who completed a service area Outdoor Learning course prior to fall 2009, before Sleep out Camp Out was developed, must complete Sleep Out Camp Out in-person by fall 2014 in order to maintain Outdoor Learning certification.

What you need to Bring to Sleep Out Camp Out (PDF)

After you’ve attended Sleep Out Camp Out, come back and see our Outdoor Cooking Guide listed below. It will give you many of the great recipes that you experienced at your Sleep Out Camp Out training that you want to make for your girls!

Outdoor Cooking Guide (Digital Publication)

Download our Outdoor Learning Schedule to find upcoming Sleep Out Camp Out and Lodge Out Cabin Out sessions.

Want to take girls on an outdoor adventure that ONLY involves staying in a lodge or cabin and building a fire?

You must complete Explore Out and attend a Lodge Out Cabin Out learning session.